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Elitelupus RP | 48 Slot | No KOS | 24/7 | - 7 Days to Die Server in France
Updated once every 24 hours
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Browser_Config_Line_0 5,600,900,900,0.1,1,0.1,1,0.1,1,0.1,1,F,1,0.8,1,1,300,3600,1,1,1,1,4,8,16,32,64,0.2,0.8,0,0,0,0,0,0,
Browser_Config_Line_1 1.25,1.25,1,2,1,1,5,5,8,10,T,T,F,F,0,0,1,180,0.75,1.25,4,8,16,32,64,F,604800,1,0.5,1,1,1,604800,1,0.
Browser_Config_Line_2 ,15,320,20,50,125,25,750,10,750,1,1.5,0.5,8,1,1,1,1,T,F,T,F,T,F,T,F,F,F,1,1,1,1,1,1,T,2.3,5.6,0.05,0
Browser_Config_Line_3 0.8,6.5,128,9.5,2,10,5,10,15,1,5,T,T,0.5,1.5,3,4.5,6,0.5,3,T,T,F,T,T,T,T,T,T,T,T,F,10,0,0,30,0
Browser_Desc_Full_Count 6
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_0 <color=#00FFFF>Elite Roleplay</color> We ensure role play experience with great machines to prevent
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_1 t will make you rage, We are 100% sure that you will not become a hobo in this game as jobs are real
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_2 of course there's always a dark side and that is house's. Now houses are very expensive to get and o
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_3 get house's with furniture inside, Apartment's are cheep but not big enough to fit 10 dogs and 10 ca
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_4 's now is it? So we ensure money as a priority, Different job , Different paycheck , Different Style
Browser_Desc_Full_Line_5 sperate to kill and blow people's brain out, You can visit the Dead zone or Berry island.
Browser_Desc_Hint <color=#32CD32>48 player slots and opened 24/7</color>
Browser_Workshop_Count 3
Browser_Workshop_Line_0 1147508810,1147570246,1166562219,1202611358,1232252658,1240796952,1272633116,1293331655,1317351057,1
Browser_Workshop_Line_1 ,1575155272,1628600107,1628771277,1629300697,1629340468,1633598335,1658442827,758826029,877774581,87
Browser_Workshop_Line_2 3868371,1336546809
dedicated 100
game_description <color=aqua>Roleplay Experience, Open 24/7 and 48 slots</color>
game_directory Unturned
OS 119
protocol_version 17
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suggested_players 36