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Eternal Gaming | Jedi vs Sith SERIOUS RP | Custom Lightsabers
Mar 31, 2018 7:10 PM
Joined: Mar 30, 2018
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Welcome too Eternal Gaming Servers

Hello, this is the Founder off Eternal Gaming Servers, an Garry's Mod Community Created this month, and i'd like too show you, 1st. Abit about our Community, and 2nd. about our Jedi VS Sith Server.

Here at Eternal Gaming we're gonna be trying too bring you the best possible gaming experience that we can, we got an Forum and basic website located at:
And A Steamgrouop:

As we just we're recently founded, things are still being setup, but we're on the best way, on being all ready with our, Community Website, Steamgroup, Logo's and our Server,
About our Server: Our Server is hardly being in Development, and i'm am since 4 Days Hardy most time off my day sitting at my pc, sitting in my Server FTP Editing Files, adding new stuff, and testing stuff out,

We got an Custom Lightsaber System, an Custom Map, edited with Textscreens and more, too make it, abit Custom,
For Transportation from planet too planet, we got an warp system, where on the different planets on the server there are warp consoles, pressing "E" (Standart GMOD Use Button) Shows you the full list off which warps there are.

The Warp Prices Differ from 100-2000 Depending on what kind off Planet it is.
Tatooine, is the cheapst because off being an Trading and OOC (Out of Character) And non RP Planet, where you can trade, and hangout with your friends.
Tython And Korriban, Hoth, Ilum, And more are higher priced planets, as they are planets controlled by our Servers Factions,

Our Server is having 40+ Jobs now,
All Kinds off, Roles in the Republic, Sith Empire, And the Lore Jobs, that most off the JvS Servers Have,
Two More Factions will be added in in the Next Update, Version 1.0
The Eternal Empire, and Mandolorians.

Our Current version, is an Open Beta, with 10 Slots, but next Friday, i'll be upgrading the Slots too 30 Slots, and then later on, too 64.

Our Lightsaber System, offers an fully working Lightsaber Crafting Station where you can change, hilts, your blade, crystal, and the sounds off your Saber fully into your Personel Liking!

We Are Looking For:
Staff Memebers
And Testers for Many Things, before the Release off Version 1.0

We'd Greatly appriciate getting an Smaller playerbase too start out, and members in the forum, and group.
Interessted in Testing?
Join the Group, and post an Discussion there please.

Thank you for taking your time too read this.
Ruby, Eternal Gaming Servers Founder.