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[US] NukaRP | Semi Serious | Unique | Open Beta | No BS
Sep 28, 2018 5:45 AM
Joined: Aug 13, 2016
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Welcome to my post! I was hoping to see our work come alive with players and admins. So please, Sit back and consider joining! We are 24/7 RP server!

[What Are Some Cool Features We Offer?]
-Cars You don't normally see, Such as the Devel Sixteen and a Hot Rod Van!
-Friendly Staff & Staff are very active
-The server is constantly getting updates
-A fully developed police force to handle criminals
-Levelling that is satisfying and worth grinding for
-An eco that is makes you feel happy about your purchases
-No Pay to win, Everyone should not feel the need to pay to get good
-A map most DarkRP servers do not use, Making it a fun switch up
-A very open community, You should not be afraid to ask a question
-Developers with years of experience of GLua and Darkrp coding
-Very Minimalistic HUD, Only a small HUD and levelling bar
-A casino where you gamble money to possibly earn more!
-If you become a staff many Admin tools to make it easier and respond to issues players have fast and effective
-Printers that can be upgraded with a tool that also help towards your level

[Ok that sounds interesting, How can I join?]

Here is our Gmod Server IP! It will automatically join you to us!

We have a discord!

If you do not have a discord, We also have a forum to join!

[Message From Me]
We have put countless hours in this project and want to see it grow. If you could join that would make us all here at Nuka Networks happy and make us keep working at this until we pass out! Thank you for reading this far, If you do join and say in-game "gametracker brought me here!" you will be given $10,000 in-game cash!
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