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Feb 07, 2018 10:52 AM
Joined: Jan 24, 2018
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Hello to administration. I am glad to see you activity regarding servers & pleased with the fact that you always reply.
Several servers which ranks are closed by your monitoring (as it’s being checked lately) is deleted by me, and I added port 27 in front as linux allows to do it.
//add (27)port
Users cant stand without rank ..
In every server we will set security and max spectators to be 3 pers.
Now I am interested : can those servers use rank which were deleted by closed rank ?
Reason of deleting closed rank’s from web-site
There has never been the same server twice even on the closed rank
As I have a lake of free time when rank is on not to have some complains and not to block IP – s
Those kind of thing’s used to happen with ips “” & “”
Person with a bad habits added ports with 27 and on a web site it was shown twice. Before I managed to go to the office it was already blocked I am very nervous and I hate that man.
Though these are new IP-s and we are paying additional money, I kindly ask you not to clear these servers from me even if with closed rank. Beside me nobody can add servers anymore without my approval, at this point I was helped by my foreign friend and I want to thank him though I had to pay some money.
Canceling the rank’s on two 10 man automix may be the names like “ Team A” & “Team B”
Otherwise I cant understand why ranks were closed to 2 servers from 5 as all are the same mode
Anyway I canceled that names on 10 automixe’s you can see it
Please be informed that we like to respect the rules. Thanks for attention