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ClanWars and Prefixes
Jan 29, 2018 3:09 PM
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Dear administration,
We have carefully read the rules and we are glad that boost servers have
been de-ranked and at the same time, our Georgian servers also have been
annulled rank, but after our adjustment we have been restored, and we would
like to thank you for this.

I want to explain you in this post condition of Georgia and we hope you will
take into consideration our request.

Georgian has nowadays very few counter strike 1.6 players, however our wish
is to see the Georgian server leading between worlds best servers,
thats why to save high online we carry ClanWar's (16v16) between Gergian servers from
00:00 up to 07:00(08:00) o'clock in the morning. At the ClanWar's time players
are writting there servers initials (prefixes) before there nicknames, for example:
((SRS // nickname; MinimaL // nickname; Mr // nickname and so on) in the
specified hours you can come in the servers and see how it happens, so we want
to ask don't consider it at boosting, besides that in Georgia we don't have
boosting system.

We are also interested by the fact that if we can continue ClanWars (16v16) with
Prefixes? we can't find any answer between the rules.

thanks for attention.

best regards
-SERIOUS- Administration
Feb 02, 2018 11:15 AM
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Please all, get over your fixation with player name prefixes.
We have all gamed. we know that clans use name prefixes / suffixes.
Surprisingly to most it seems, we are a little more intelligent and sophisticated than that.

No server has ever been banned for player name prefixes / suffixes.
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