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Anarchy High XP Ranked server permanently banned :o
Jul 09, 2014 9:19 AM
Joined: Jul 09, 2014
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So I was playing on the Anarchy High XP Ranked multiplayer server on World at War and at the end of the match on Upheaval, I got kicked without warning. I don't why I got kicked, but I finally could enter into prestige mode. So I did and tried to rejoin the server again, but guess what? "You are permanently banned from this server" showed up on my screen, and I'm just like WTF?! I am no hacker, cheater or glitcher. Camping and all perks were allowed according to the console. So can someone tell me why I got kicked and permanently banned from the server without some kind of warning???!!!
I have no clue if I broke any rules. I just played like I normally do on other servers. Is there a possibility to get un-banned now? If I did something against the rules, please let me know and that won't happen again!