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Low-Ping, Dedicated Call of Duty 2 Server Hosting
Dec 09, 2010 1:51 PM
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Buy a COD2 server today at GameServers!

- Instant Server Activation
- No Setup Fees, Cancel Anytime, 5-day Refund Guarantee
- Servers start at $0.79/slot
- 20+ Locations Worldwide

Also, get a voice server 50% off with the purchase of a game server!

Do you know what you're doing and want dedicated space to host your server? offers scalable VPS servers and dedicated servers to host your website, apps, and/or game servers. Constant offers very flexible packages and are known for their uptime. VPS servers as low as $20/mo.

Post your servers below!
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Dec 03, 2012 4:15 AM
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Christmas is coming soon, i may get one
i love playing GTA 5