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Aug 22, 2016 4:53 PM
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SK you suck


coz he is noob and deleted this from his forum

Hi kids,

It's me Hashy gonna show you something.
But first, I wanna ask, how do you like playing on server?
Smoothly? Admins are polite? I sincerely hope so

Because this server is dead as fuck, right?

I saw post by pinky recently:
My best response based on what information I have. This may not be completely accurate but you will get the jist:

He/She is a former BFV player who has been caught playing on the HELLO BFV server while using hacks. He has been permanently banned for hacking and disruptive play. He has circumvented the ban by playing on the server. The administrators have thrown up roadblocks to thwart his efforts to play. Hash has demanded that he be allowed to play on the server and that the various roadblocks be removed. The administrators have refused to do so. As a result, Hash has disrupted the game by hacking it.

The majority of the players do not want Hash in the game because he cheats. Simple as that.

So what do we end up with.... a game nobody can play, including Hash, at least on the HELLO server.... until the gurus can find a way to circumvent Hash. They are working on it.

He is akin to a parasite. Parasites attack the system. They eventually swamp the system and as they do, they kill off their host and thus, in the end, they destroy themselves.

Ok, seriously, such shit is what makes me to destroy you noobs.

pinky, you ever saw a proof of me playing with hacks? Why your stinky trap is opened?

Yes, I recorded another guy cheating using hacks, because server does't have spectator mode. But playing with cheats - never, I don't need that crap.
Guy was banned for that. (such a bad thing for server) Here is the video, once again:

Second thing you lied - shameless snitch! I was never banned for hacking.

Here is my 1st ban

Here is the 2nd

Teamkilling, insulting, threats, evading bans. Usual shit. Where you saw hacking?

But not only you, but admins are telling everyone that I'm hacking!
ADMINS!!! without proof telling shit about me. OK?

You still don't get why problems do not leave you?

Let's look at video, which was recorded to be a proof of me cheating, but it was used for another purpose:

Look it all you have time. Hm.. you may look like 5 minutes too though. 2 guys on different teams hunting me?? One fag spectating me and telling my pos to another - that's what server do you like to play, pinky?

The moments I collected when Bojangles (still not banned! OK!) telling my pos:


Sure there is more, but whatever.
Bojangles is not banned, he is in great relashionships with admin (SK I guess).
Which makes me think admins are people of the same batch as him.
You can look how he tells his friend to repeat provocations.


Like the second one can't think himself? Hahahahah such low lifers, I can't imagine how I would ask someone to say THIS shit.
And this was all allowed by admins.

You still think it's fair?

You should ask admin ArcticWinter about fairness. I tried to look for his posts, but fucking search button even...

Hi Arctic, please enlighten us, haven't you ever used hacks to record cheaters? And why you are not on the banlist, if you have not?

I will PM him, so stand by. Although I doubt he'll answer.

You must understand. I feel I'm in right position, truly. Servers, admins, like you, deserve no mercy.
Get owned, and die. I'll treat you like nazis.

One more thing:

Do you guys think the same, crashes are better than teamkills?
Or you are so scared they will ban you, if you say what you really think?

After that conversation, I understand again that SK doesn't care. He is mad he can't do shit about me and just need to suck up. He mad -> you suffer.

Everything was fabricated to ban me, and I won't forgive this ... so good luck with the server, you'll need it.


Aug 22, 2016 6:52 PM
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I don't think anyone here cares.

I suggest contacting an admin of the server, not random people on the internet.
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.