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Agger Interactive - Eve of Destruction 3 - REDUX (2014) - BFV
Apr 03, 2014 10:49 PM
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Hi friends, acquaintances, neighbours, fellow countrymen

Maybe you've already noticed that Agger-Interactive PC-Game-Studio was founded and officially launched on january 10, 2014.
I'm working for more than a year now on a complete redesign of 'Eve of Destruction' PC game, a Viet Nam war-PC shooter. When it's done it will be sold by the gamestudio.

Expected release is - conservatively estimated - in summer, if there will be no new problems. It's impossible to predict with such a mammoth project, because, after all, the game is a complete in-house production. Big companies have a staff of several dozens people...

Take a look at the website and learn more about the game. If you're interested you can subscribe for the newsletter and automatically get information about news.

Kind regards,

PS: some links to bookmark: