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Requests for Server Reranking and Unbans
Aug 19, 2019 10:01 PM
GAMETRACKER ADMIN Joined: May 18, 2019
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If you would like to appeal a ban and have your server re-ranked, please provide the following information:


Before posting an appeal please ensure that you have read and understand our ranking guidelines:

Additional information:

-Once your case has been reviewed, your post will be deleted. If you post is delete and no action is taken, your server does not meet the ranking guidelines.

-If you have the message on your server page:
"This server has been detected to report fake or idle clients and it is not eligible to be ranked."
It could have been de-ranked for ANY of the 7 reasons listed in the first link.

-Spamming posts will result in account suspension.

-For unclaimed server pages: please claim the server page before posting your request. All requests for re-ranking must be made by the registered server owner. If you are not the server owner your post will be deleted.
Yesterday 2:15 AM
Joined: Aug 12, 2018
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I haven't violated in any way, but my server NR. My ip address has been open for more than 1 year and has never been violated.

I didn't do anything that caused the violation. On my 32-slot server, 25-30 people are active per day.

Please help.

Game: Counter Strike 1.6
Name: [S-A & K-A BEDAVA ] DesturClan.Com ' JailbreaK - 116 -
Port: 27015

They keep sending me a fake client to make me NR!
Yesterday 9:54 AM
Joined: Dec 13, 2017
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My 2 Counter-Strike 1.6 is Removed For Ranking ...

Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Name: AFRIDI-Public FreeVIP+Fastdl+24/7 (Fast Server)
Port: 27015

My 2nd Server ..

Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Name: AFRIDI-AFK FreeVIP+Fastdl+24/7 (Fast Server)
Port: 27016

Today 4:11 AM
Joined: Jun 21, 2016
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Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Name:[TGP] The Global Paradise * Trading and Item Collection Server *
Port: 27015

Hello, I just recently noticed that the server did not have a rank and this suprises me since our server doesn't have bots what i am aware of, we have alot of afk people on our server sometimes, we do not afk kick so that might 1 cause, but it is a trading server so it is very active from all day to all night i would say, and i do not see the reason for the derank. Please take a look into this.

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Today 4:54 PM
Joined: Aug 17, 2018
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Game: Counter Strike Global Offensive
Name: [TR] CrimeScene # Zombie Escape | FASTDL | NoBlock | NONPRIME
Port: 27015

Hello, our server is active 24/7. We have 10 - 25 active players daily. Totel 125 people are visiting our server. No bot or fake players. Normally our rank is 280. It is now blocked. Please activate our ranking.

I read and understood.
Today 7:00 PM
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Why do you keep deleting my posts instead of actually resolving the issue? @gametracker
Can I have some attention please?
Instead of removing all my posts and threads I make about this matter, please do reply to the thread here
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