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clan page logo error
Jun 04, 2017 8:43 PM
Joined: May 21, 2013
Posts: 12
hi, i have this clan and i want to puut this image as logo, but after pending the old image (actual image) is popping up again, why?
Jun 04, 2017 9:07 PM
Joined: Oct 13, 2013
Posts: 136
Hello brusc , Make sure you save the changes after you add url of the picture , if didn't work keep trying until you succeed .
Good Luck .
Jun 04, 2017 9:43 PM
GAMETRACKER ADMIN Joined: Sep 27, 2006
Posts: 10927
You can try clearing your browser cache if your browser is caching the old image.
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.