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Last Boss Tank in The Infinity Server
Last BOSS TANK in The Infinity server

 Special Tank spawns during finale event. He has original status and special skills, and changes form up to four stages according to the health residual quantity. A lot of visual and sound effects are used. Default setting is described below.

 Default Health : 30000 (Normal Difficult)

 1-1. First form - [THE BOSS] (Health :30000~22000)
  COLOR :Yellow  SPEED :Normal   FORCE :Normal  EFFECT :None
   - Blast Rock - Rock explodes when survivors are hit.

 1-2. Second form - [STEEL OVERLORD] (Health :22000~14000)
  COLOR :Green   SPEED :Little fast   FORCE :Strong  EFFECT :None
   - Blast Rock - Rock explodes when survivors are hit.
   - Gravity Claw - Attacked survivor's gravity reduced between a few seconds.
   - Steel Skin - Tank's weight is very heavy and no damage by melee weapon.

 1-3.Third form - [NIGHT STALKER] (Health :14000~8000)
  COLOR :Blue->Stealth SPEED :Little fast  FORCE :Weak  EFFECT :Smoke
   - Blast Rock - Rock explodes when survivors are hit.
   - Stealth Skin - Tank gradually becomes transparent and cannot be burnt.
   - Dread Claw - Attacked survivor becomes blind between a few seconds.

 1-4.Fourth form - [SPIRIT OF FIRE] (Health :8000~0)
  COLOR :Red  SPEED :Fast  FORCE :Strong   EFFECT :Fire
   - Comet Strike - Rock explodes and burns when survivors are hit.
   - Burn Claw - Attacked survivor's health turned into temp health.
   - Mad Spring - Tank jumps frequently.
   - Flame Gush - If attacked by melee weapon, Fire spreads around Tank.

   - Earth Quake - When Special Tank attacks incapped survivor, survivors around
him is blown off.
   - Reflesh - Special Tank extinguish his own fire when form is changed.
   - Fenix Tail - Special Tank spawns in forth form when rescue vehicle has come.
   - Call of Abyss - When Special Tank changes form(third to fourth), He howls and
call horde.
   - Fatal Mirror - Special Tank teleports near one survivor every 35(default)sec.

2.Strategy To Defeat
   - Burn tank in first form and second form.
   - Always moving around to avoid Tank teleport (Fatal Mirror).
   - Dont EVER throw BOOMER BILE to tank, but throw it to outside map when zombie comming or too many zombie at that moment.
   - If you get hit vomit by Bommer, RUUUNNN..until not vomit again. couse, tank will chase you no matter what, until you dead.
   - Buy INCENDIARY AMMO, deploy it, and use it when tank invisible form.
   - Find spot to avoid Tank Rock Blast, or you can dodge by moving right to left or left to right.
   - If you get hit by Tank in SPIRIT OF FIRE, buy Full Health or ask for help from your teammate. in EXPERT you will die fast if you not buy full health couse fire spread around you.
   - Stay focus, fast response, fast helping each other.
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Jun 28, 2013 8:57 PM
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