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Game Giveaway? could it be?
Update: We are moving forward and hoping that we can have it this October or November 2011. We're working out the details, but everyone that is registered here on GameTracker will have at least 1 chance to win, but you also have to be registered on our Steam Group, so join there as well: because this is how we will be distributing games. Joining our Steam Group also gives you a second chance to win... be sure to use the same game names as both groups if you can... if not let us know what the differences are and we will see if we can accommodate that-no guarantees.

Get a jump on our upcoming, still to be announced, Game Giveaway by joining our Steam Group for HackHunters.

Yeah, that's right you're hearing about the 'still to be announced' 'how we're not talking about it,' first, or maybe second, not sure, but I'm certainly not going to tell anyone if I even knew, which I do don't. So yeah, maybe it has to do with being a Steam member in our group for HackHunters, and maybe it has to do with registering on our main forum and listing your xfire profile link on your profile there under where it says list your website, or clan address, or maybe some other gaming related link that you like, but whatever, I'm not spilling nothing so don't ask! And it doesn't have to do with getting steam games from us for doing practically nothing, so no never mind. Did I just say 'no never mind?' and 'do don't?' Oh well, there you go, something for you to figure out.

So, figure it out. It's sort of a riddle game but just in case you're not sure, get over to steam and sign up for our group! (thanks)
Posted by greenbean
May 22, 2011 12:53 AM
Hello everyone,
This is my tournament but at this time has finish (cod4).
Towards the end of September I would reopen hope with many more clans and best anticheat. The rules are basic: 5v5 NO P90, NO clay... If you are interested add me on xfire '' manfroo '' and contact me by writing UHT. Please contact me as quickly as possible to better organize. We play for fun and not for PRIZES and FREE ENTRY. Thanks for your attention

Posted by manf
Jun 17, 2015 4:03 AM