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Stop-Cheats petition, everyone please sign and spread the word.

Tell Game Developers to take action.
Sign the petition! is requesting your help in spreading the word about a very important issue regarding cheating in online gaming. It is a fact that Game Developers could file law suits against those who publish multiplayer cheats, because the creation and publication of cheats is illegal. If they did you would see a quick elimination of online cheating. It's time we told Game Developers and Publishers exactly how we feel about their lack of initiative.

Lets get the 1 million signatures needed to make Game Developers motivated to do something.

Initiated and Funded By:
Votes of Support from:,,,,,,,

Find banners at

Please copy this message and post it in your clan's forum, in gaming community forums, where ever you can think that gamers go. Code for the banners can be found at Join our main forum to discuss the topic at HackHunters. Thanks!

Posted by greenbean
Apr 09, 2010 3:56 PM